Available in any country where online betting is legal (except USA).

My BSG Draw System is available to my ApostasBF referrals for FREE!

No subscriptions, no downloads, no VPS, just free automated betting.

So if you sign up, make sure you use my referral link, otherwise you will still need to pay for a BSG Draw System subscription.

ApostasBF is an officially licensed white label version of Betfair Exchange.

The markets, prices and liquidity are the same.

The difference is the way the exchange services are offered.

ApostasBF has NO premium charge.

ApostasBF includes FREE automation tools, FREE backtesting tools, a FREE statistics database, FREE fixture scanner, FREE staking management tools. (As long as you have a balance of 40 USD or more in your account for the backtesting database and fixture scanner.)

This site was setup and is managed by a veteran Bf Bot Manager user, Cid Marcos, who I have known and worked with on various betting related projects for over 5 years. So I have none of the fears I had when using Asian bookies with their opaque middle-men betting agents. In this case, I know the person who is running the site, and he is an automated betting pro. He has managed to bring several essential betting tools into one place.

The free automation tools are the most exciting part of the site. The automation needs NO DOWNLOADS, NO VPS, NO software running 24/7 on your PC. You can create strategies using the free backtesting tool, link those to the free automated betting tool and then it places the bets for you on the Betfair exchange clone. All these services are paid for by the commission you pay, which is 6%. So you only pay a fraction of your profits IF YOU WIN. You don’t pay if you lose. And you only pay in direct relation to the amounts you are betting. It is an amazing deal.

ApostasBF has a variety betting tools available: A Betfair exchange clone, a Pinnacle sportsbook clone, A sportsbook/exchange aggregator tool were you can see all odds for a market in one place, and an esports sportsbook powered by Pinnacle.

You can deposit directly to ApostasBF. (You do not need to use a betting agent or betting broker like other Betfair white-labels.) Deposits are made using Tether (USDT TRC-20) through a cryptocurrency exchange site/wallet of your choice. 

ApostasBF accepts customers from all countries except the USA as long as you are not in a jurisdiction that prohibits online gaming or online betting. 

You may not be interested in this site if:

1. If you have access to normal Betfair with 2% commission and just bet manually.

You may be interested in this site if:

1. You cannot access Betfair.com.

2. You can access Betfair.com, but want to avoid the 20% premium charge.

3. You want free automation of betting systems with no downloads, no VPS, no subscriptions.

4. You want a free pre-match selection finder that also autobets on those selections.

5. You want a free backtesting database (Betfair Sportsbook odds) that shows you what betting systems worked historically since 2017 for 73 leagues.

6. You want access to Cid Marcos’s automated strategies that are ready to go.

7. You can use Betfair, but cannot deposit more than 1,000 GBP per month because you cannot prove your income and pass the income verification process.

8. You can use Betfair, but pay high commission, like Australia 5%, Peru 6%, so the ApostasBF 6% commission is not so different, and with more pro tools included.

9. You can use Betfair, but you cannot bet in-play, such as is the case for Betfair Australia users. ApostasBF lets you bet in-play. 

The ApostasBF Exchange (Powered by Betfair)

Powered by Betfair. It looks and works the same as Betfair. 6% commission but no Premium Charge. Together with all the free automation, backtesting, fixture scanning, and bankroll tools that come with it, that is quite reasonable.

Think of the 6% commission as a pay-if-you-win model. Do the calculations and you will see it is very good value for those who do not want to pay up front.

£240 for 12 months of VPS

£120 for 12 months of automation software

£1,200 for 12 months of BSG draw trigger tips

Total £1,460 for 1 year of the automated betting service with VPS.

You would need to make £22,600 profit in 12 months to pay that much in 6% commission. And with ApostasBF, you can stop and withdraw your balance anytime. You also get access to Cid Marcos’s best automated systems, too. Now you can see why it is good value.


ApostasBF is regulated by Antillephone N.V. and operate and provide the Services under the License No. 8048/JAZ issued to Antillephone, Authorized and Regulated by the Government of Curacao. 

FREE Automated Betting Tool ATZBET

The ATZBET automation tool is free to ApostasBF exchange users. It allows you to follow my BSG draw system for free with no downloads, VPS or subscriptions. You just need your betting bank. You truly can set and forget with this method. It is the simplest yet. (You must be my ApostasBF referral to follow my BSG draw system for free, otherwise you still need to pay the monthly subscription. So make sure you click through my affiliate link. I get a % of your commission, so I only get paid if you win. ) ATZBET also allows you to follow Cid Marcos’s betting systems for free and you can create your own automated betting bots with their Buscabet backtesting tool or their My Stats Fixture Scanner tool or their Horses/Greyhounds Pro tool. 

Buscabet Backtesting Tool

The Buscabet tool is a free backtesting database that shows you what betting systems worked historically since 2017 for 73 leagues. The database uses Betfair Sportsbook odds for most markets, and if Betfair did not have odds for a selection, then another bookmaker’s odds are used. This tool is free if you have a balance of 40 USD or more in your ApostasBF account. If you find a system that works then you can get the selections of that system sent to ATZBET which will 100% automate betting on them at no extra cost.  Buscabet comes with a set of recommended strategies that are ready to go and can be used as they are.

"My Stats" Fixture Scanner

ApostasBF users with a balance of 40 USD or more in their accounts get free access to the “My Stats” fixture scanner. This searches for games that match your filters. These selections can also be sent to ATZBET for free bet automation. There are recommended filter settings ready to go that you can use from the start. You can also create and save your own filters.

Bet Tracker & Bankroll Managment "Bet Central"

This tool allows you to see how your bank has progressed over time and also day by day changes. Currently only in Portuguese language, but an English version is in the works.