The Betting Strategies

Step 1: 

Choose a Setup Guide PDF.

BSG Draw Bots Guide and Setup PDF

Betaminic Draw Bots Guide and Setup PDF

Or follow the steps below for using Betaminic Value Strategies .

Sign up for free access at

Betaminic has a free online tool for backtesting betting strategies with football statistics and historical bookmaker odds. By analysing past data of over 140,000 matches since 2012, winning patterns can be found. Betaminic’s tool, the Betamin Builder, allows you to find those value trends. You can research your own or follow existing strategies that have been publicly shared. You can also see real strategies shared by Betaminic users with excellent results. 

Click on “Access Betamin Builder” and take a look at their public strategies page to see what kind of strategies are making most profit now. Play around with creating your own strategies. For example, what results would you have got if you backed the favourite in every English Premier league game since 2012? Click on the follow button for strategies that you like the look of.

Step 2:

Buy a Betamin Builder pick pack (packs start from €29) to be able to receive future strategy selections by email and on your Betaminic account pending picks page.

Step 3:

Email me your order number ( to receive a free bonus big data betting pack that includes my recommended strategies list and staking plan, my 2 Betaminic user guide books, my staking plans book and my Bf Bot Manager strategy files.

Step 4:

On the Betaminic site, in the Betamin Builder, find and click on the “follow strategy” email icon for strategies that you like, or follow my recommended set of strategies, or research and create your own new strategies based on historical trends.

The Staking Plan

Step 5:

Start with level stakes. Whatever system you run, always track it on 1 point level stakes to view its progress in a comparable way.

If you have historical data, analyse it with staking software such as The Staking Machine to find the best staking settings for it.

If you don’t have staking software, then use 1 point level stakes, 1% percentage staking, 1% target profit staking or Whitaker staking from my Staking Plans Book.

The Automated Betting Bot

Step 6:

Click on my link to the download page for the Bf Bot Manager automated betting software. Use the free 7 day trial or buy a license key. (Best price is £10 per month if you pay for a 1 year subscription) Email to receive your free unique URL link and instructions to enable automated betting on Betaminic picks through the Bf Bot Manager software. Follow the Betaminic strategies using the Bf Bot Manager strategy files I provide or create your own Bf Bot Manager strategies. The Bf Bot Manager requires a Betfair account to work. Sign up for Betfair here if you don’t have one already.

The Virtual Private Server

Step 7:

SimplyHosting is one of a number of companies that offer a reasonably priced VPS service. Follow their instructions to setup your own VPS to free yourself from physically running the bot and be able to access it from any location. 


You now have the best betting system. A 100% automated betting system with the right profit leveraging staking plan that follows multiple historically profitable trends as a base for pre-match value bets and also for value adding in-play trading bot strategies.