Finding a working betting system should not be about replacing your 8 hour working day at a company with an 8 hour betting day at home in front of a PC. It should be about getting more time and more freedom, so if you cannot automate your betting system to require less than a few minutes attention a day to check up on and a few hours a month to manage, then is it really worth it?

The Bf Bot Manager Automated Betting Bot Software

The BF Bot Manager is software that you download to your PC and then set to place bets automatically according to your instructions. It can run multiple strategies with different settings.

My System

I use Betaminic strategies as base value trends that have a high probability of making profit on level stakes just on pre-match bets. I then apply a custom staking plan to them, with the settings that I researched myself (and published in my book The Staking Plans Book). I then have several add-on auto trading strategies that trade in-play based on match events. These work together to get the most out of the Betaminic strategies. The Betaminic strategies gave me the value trend to build my other bot strategies from.

I have used Betaminic since 2017, but had to place bets manually. Since February 2021, Betaminic and Bf Bot Manager have become compatible to allow completely automated betting. This allowed me to automate the whole process, and I just have to check-up on the bots to see how they are doing.

I have created a set of bots that are separated into types from A-Bots to T-Bots.

These have been edited over time into the 4 main sets I have now.

The Main Bots

A-Bots: These bots are triggered by Betaminic imported tips. They use new Secure3 staking settings I researched that will work well with this set.

B-Bots: These bots are triggered by the A-Bots. They place extra bets on the same market at different price settings to try and get even more value.

H-Bots: These bots are triggered by the A-bots. It places extra bets on derivative goal markets such as the Over 0.5 goals FT, Over 0.5 goals HT and Over 1.5 goals FT markets.

Current Bot Set Results 2022-10-04

Automated Betting Costs

I pay £10 per month for the Bf Bot Manager and £11 per month for a Virtual Private Server (VPS). I then pay for Betaminic tips per pick. Each pick costs me € 0.69 (with the Professional Pack of 1,000 picks). So the cost per month depends on the number of bets the strategies generate.  

For my Betaminic referrals, I can email you my Bf Bot Manager strategy files if you want to use them. But it is important to read the manual and watch the Bf Bot Manager tutorial videos to get an understanding of the software yourself so that you know exactly what your bot is doing. It is a little complex, but worth the effort to learn properly.  

When I shared my Betaminic strategies, I got a lot of feedback and some users exchanged a lot of ideas and information with me. That has helped me get to this stage. I hope that by sharing my Bf Bot Manager strategy ideas, that the same thing will happen, and that other users will share their working strategies with me as I will with you.

Good luck to us all. We now have all the tools we need to have the best shot at beating the bookies.

Get My Example Strategy Files

Here are some basic strategy files for Betaminic users getting into the Bf Bot Manager I will send anyone free even if you are not my referral.

This “Basic Level Stakes Strategy Set of 5” set includes:

1 A-Bot main strategy on level stakes

5 C & D Bot add on strategies on level stakes

Unfortunately, my website does not allow zip files to be downloaded for security reasons, so you will have to email me to get the files.

A short mail is fine. “Tom, please send me the Basic Level Stakes Strategy Set of 5.” is fine.

Send to

If you would like the main bot set with secure3 staking, please email me for the file and tell me your most recent Betaminic order number.