Tipster Account Management Service

Do you have a working betting system?

Would you like to monetize it by selling your tips?

Would you like to automate all or part of the process of placing tips, handling follower payments and customer service?

Then BSG’s Tipster Account Management Service will help you.

Full Service

I can setup and manage your betting system on as a private account that requires permission before users can follow the tips.

Your followers can get your tips there and I can help them 100% automate betting on your tips via Betfair using the TippingSports automated betting service or the Bf Bot Manager software.

I will handle all questions and queries from followers. I can help them with technical aspects of the site and the betting software. I will handle the payments. You will receive your subscription fees via bank transfer or PayPal each month.

You can send me your tips via email or CSV file to be posted on TippingSports. Or, once you trust me, you can even let me know your selection method and I can find and post the selections for you. In this way you can 100% automate your tipping service by outsourcing it to the

With BSG’s Tipster Account Management Service you can finally relax and enjoy the benefits of your successful¬† betting system without having to handle all the daily practical and customer service aspects of it.

Partial Service

You can also just outsource the parts of your tipping service that you don’t want to waste time on. That might just be the posting of tips, customer service, technical support for bots, follower payments or other specific aspects of your service. You may even just want to put one buffer layer of customer service between you and your followers to maintain your privacy.

If you are interested in this service, please contact me at:

(Note: Fees are a percentage of follower subscriptions. The service fee ranges from 10% to 50% of subscription fees depending on how much of your tipping service you want to outsource. The minimum fee is 50 GBP per month for tipster account management.)