The BSG Draw System

These figures are based on the £1 test bots that have been running the longest and have the most data, so I feel their data is more meaningful. The monthly average is calculated for each bot and the added together. In this way the 3 months of A6 data, 10 months of A3,A4,A5 bot data and 18 months of A1,A2 data can be balanced fairly in the calculations.

Past data DOES NOT guarantee future profits, but it gives a smarter way to plan betting systems than other methods. ALL betting systems carry the risk of losing ALL your bank. Betting is NOT an investment and in no way to be considered a viable “second income” or “retirement income”. Do not use any betting service unless you understand and accept that.

+12 points per month average profit with my BFBM bot set 
100 point bank
0.11 point stakes
-42.9 points AMD (Actual Maximum Drawdown)
-96.8 points EPMD (Estimated Potential Maximum Drawdown)
+110 units per month average profit with my BFBM bot set 
880 point bank
1 point stakes
-390 units AMD (Actual Maximum Drawdown)
-880 units EPMD (Estimated Potential Maximum Drawdown)
Follow in 2 ways:
Method 1: Subscription
Costs: 100 GBP per month bsgDrawSystem subscription (First month free)
(Also needs a 10 GBP per month Bf Bot Manager Subscription and Betfair account)
Method 2: No Subscription
Free if you bet using the ApostasBF betting exchange.
(You must sign up via my referral link or you will still need a BSG Draw subscription.) 

Pros: A consistent profit making system; 100% automated; Aims to make an average of 600 GBP per month on 10 GBP stakes. Rock solid long term win rate of 33% for core trend. Has over 1 year of real bets as evidence that it works (+10,000 bets placed on the main core trend)

Cons: Has volatile swings of +/-390 units. Needs long term mindset.

System Requirements

Method 1: Subscription

Betfair account (Free)

TippingSports Account (Free),

Bf Bot Manager software subscription (£10 per month)

BSG Draw System Subscription (£100 per month, first month free)


VPS subscription (£20 per month)

InPlayTrading data feed subscription (£20 per month)


Method 2: No Subscription

ApostasBF account (free)

Cryptocurrency Exchange account (free) that sells Tether (USDT TRC-20)

Cryptocurrency Wallet (free) that supports Tether (USDT TRC-20)

Bf Bot Manager vs ApostasBF

Both services have pros and cons. The one you choose depends on your betting style.

Using Bf Bot Manager gives you more control over your bots to edit all aspects of the betting process. But you will need to download and pay for a subscription to the software and also have it running 24/7 on your home PC or on a VPS. Betfair might eventually make you pay the 20% Premium Charge.

Using ApostasBF has fewer ways to control your bot. It just copies my bets. When my bot places a bet, your bot will copy that bet seconds afterwards. But it requires no downloads, no subscriptions, no PCs running 24/7 and no VPS. ApostasBF has no 20% Premium Charge.

Note: Video was made in December 2023. Latest results can be seen in my newsletters on my blog.