System Results

The automated betting system is up and running for many users.

Thank you for the positive response and those offering to help with bot testing.

Reddit Forum - Please share your results

For progress updates and if you want to know how the strategies are going, I am going to post updates here and on this Reddit forum with screenshots as much as I can.

In this way you can see my results, and other people’s results if they choose to share them, all in one place.

And I don’t have to worry about spamming people with progress update emails.

If you are able to join in and add your results periodically when you feel like it, that would be great. Only if you want to, of course. 

Bot Set Results - 2022-10-04

The 5 Betaminic strategies I have been following are now on +1,036 GBP after 441 picks.

If you want my bot set or have any questions about my betting system, please feel free to email me at

Most importantly, if you have any ideas for add-on bots I can test out with these base strategies, please let me know. (The over 1.5 goal bets at HT was the suggestion of one of the Reddit group members, thank you very much for that, it works!)