Excel Snapshot of Betaminic Public Betting Strategies for Easy Sorting

I captured all the data from the public strategies in the Betamin Builder and put them into an Excel file. It is easier to sort and cut out strategies that way. There is the full sheet and some edited sheets. In the edited sheet, I have removed strategies with high drawdowns and low yields, etc. I also have a summary sheet of the strategies I am following. I tried to add a column with my own rating system by giving different weightings to the various data.


You can use this to sort and find the kind of strategies you want to follow.

I have used this to review and add to my low drawdown set.

Just looking at this excel file I found another version of a low drawdown set of 10. It makes 18 units profit per month. The drawdown is very low, just 29 units, so you could double unit stakes The ELS is 16 for 12 years of data and 11.21 for the next 1000 bets, so you could bet 2 units on each bet with a 100 unit bank and aim for 36 points profit per month if the historical trends repeat themselves.

I am still thinking how to combine this with my current low drawdown strategies. I will probably add some of these to my existing set.


 Bet TypeStrategy NameLink
1Over 2.5 goals Colossus 05 Against the Trend Overs AL (Updated 2020-07-04)https://www.betaminic.com/system/strategy/details/263780
2Away Win Away weak favourite 41 of 111 leagues 4%+ yieldshttps://www.betaminic.com/system/strategy/details/793300
3Home Win Colossus 01 Home Doghttps://www.betaminic.com/system/strategy/details/6409
4Favourite e2https://www.betaminic.com/system/strategy/details/11086
5Home Win Losers Find Winhttps://www.betaminic.com/system/strategy/details/946649
6Under 2.5 goals Sayar’s Under 2.5 (A1)https://www.betaminic.com/system/strategy/details/138773
7Draw empate nos undershttps://www.betaminic.com/system/strategy/details/558314
8Draw championnat nul d6https://www.betaminic.com/system/strategy/details/950516
9Draw Draw / Strategie / 3https://www.betaminic.com/system/strategy/details/441961
10Home Win HomeWin/2.00-2.49https://www.betaminic.com/system/strategy/details/871943