Bot Strategy Research & Development Project

Betting System: 90% confident

Staking System: 99% confident

Autobetting System: 50% confident (Main bot strategy 90% / Add-on strategies 50%)


I am sharing my bot strategies to get feedback, comments and ideas from others for testing.

Please feel free to email me to ask for my bot strategies to test, change and develop yourself. If you find settings that you think work well, please do share them with me.


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I am fairly confident about my Betaminic strategy choices and also the settings for my main Bf Bot Manager strategy that bets on them. But I am not sure about the best settings for add-on strategies. For this reason I am going to keep updating my results here and what strategies I am testing. When users shared their betting strategies on Betaminic, it became much easier to find the best strategies quickly. I am hoping sharing Bf Bot strategies will help do the same thing.


Key questions

Which Betaminic betting strategies to follow?

My answer: Low Maximum Drawdowns + high yields over 5% with over 100 bets in their Live Period

Other possible answers: High yield, high  LP bet number, High rating, LP graph shape

If betting strategies have high drawdowns it means that variance becomes a bigger factor. Basically, the higher the possible drawdown, the more chance a bad run could bankrupt the betting bank. So lower drawdowns are better. Strategies with average odds under 4.00 tend to have lower drawdowns. I aim to have drawdowns less than 30. However, if a strategy has a good yield (which I define as 5% or more) after 100 bets in its Live Period (It’s period since it was shared, excluding the data that was used to research it.)  then I think it also worth considering following even if its maximum drawdown is higher than 30. The more bets it has in its Live Period, the more confidence we can have in that strategy being based on a good pattern.


Which staking plan is best?

My answer: Whitaker Staking or Secure Staking

I did indeed write the book on this one. I think these 2 strategies are the best to be applied to the Betaminic big data strategies. Whitaker staking for manual betting and Secure Staking for automated betting on the Bf Bot Manager (because they don’t have the Whitaker staking plan yet,) The Secure staking plan is called the “Odds Staking Ladder” in the Bf Bot Manager software. The best settings are in my book or emailed to my Betaminic referrals for free.


Which Bf Bot Settings are best for the main strategy?

My answer: Using a bet on all imported tips strategy that uses the Odds Staking Ladder and a Percentage Staking Bank rule.

Topics I feel I have enough data on:

Single or Multi bets? – Single bets are best. My data (over 2,000 bets worth) suggests that if you have 2 Betaminic strategies that give the same selection, then it is best to only bet once on it. Multiple bets on the same pre-match selection odds increase the chance of poor variance damaging the betting bank. (It’s easier for a bad run to destroy the bank.)

Topics needing more data:

Minimum odds or not – My gut feeling is that picks should be skipped if they are under the Betaminic minimum odds,

But during my test bets (2,000 bets) there was no real difference to overall profit, one of them would be ahead of the other at different times, but it did not conclusively prove whether skipping was good or bad yet.

Modify price to place bets at or not – I think for smaller bets, it does not matter since they will get matched, but for larger bets, I think getting good odds is more important than getting the bet placed. But I do not have sufficient data to back this up yet. When I tried placing bets that requested higher odds, there were more unmatched bets which led to overall profit being lower. My gut feeling is to continue placing bets worsened by 2 ticks.



Which BF Bot Settings for add-on strategies?

I have struggled to make profit in the past with Bf bot football strategies that search and find their own selections, but when I have used imported Betaminic selections there is more consistency to them and this makes it easier to get more consistency for add-on strategies. I am now focussing on getting data to know which add-on strategies work best.


Add-on Strategy Idea 1: Extra Home bets at different times during the match if 0-0 at higher odds.

The 8 strategies makes extra bets at 10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80m based on in—play score and/or statistics.

Light, medium or strict statistic filters? – I am still researching what kind of in-play statistics filters, if any will improve the basic version of this add-on strategy.


Add-on Strategy Idea 2: Extra bets on the home team if away team gets a red card in the first half

If the main strategy has home bets on a selection, and the away team gets a red, it seems like a good chance for another bet.

Drawing or winning: one question is whether it is best to only bet if the scores are level or is ok to have a bet even if the home team is already winning. I am still collecting data on this.


Add-on Strategy Idea 2:  The away underdog scores first in 1st half

This add-on strategy would lay the away underdog if they score first in the first half and the home team does not have a red card. (underdog classed as when the home team had odds under 2.00 pre-in play)I used to have a lot of success doing this manually, but I am struggling to make this work automated. So it is still in testing mode. I think it needs some in-play statistics attached to it, but it is still under testing.


New ideas for add on strategies yet to be tested:

Hedge markets we have bets on if there is a red card for our pick

Extra bets at 10-80m mark for draw, away, overs, DNB and DC

Lay the Draw bets for home and away bet tips – settings for LTD are many, so will take some research

Others: Automate actions that we would do if manually viewing the match in-play.


Methodology for testing

Need control strategies for comparison: When I test new ideas, I always restart some base strategies as a control for comparison.

Simulation v real mode: If I have any strategies that work in simulation mode, I then run them in real mode with small stakes of 0.10 as a next level of testing.

Big stakes v small stakes issue: I have sometimes noticed that strategies that work one way at low stakes work differently at higher stakes, so it may be a good idea to increase stakes slowly when you do.

Data size: I usually wait to have 100 bets or more for a strategy to be considered working or not. Anything that is in profit after 100 bets must have something going well for it.