Free automated betting system with no startup costs

This post is in response to an ongoing chat where someone is asking what the smallest bank to start automated betting with would be, preferably with zero startup costs and no subscriptions.

This is a conservative staking, low profit estimation of what 2 of my free systems together may do over the next 12 months based on my actual results (which is in addition to backtested results on historical statistics.)

This would have to be run through ApostasBF since they offer free automation software.

This would aim for an average of 440 GBP profit per month, you would need a 2,750 GBP starting bank since the minimum bet size is $3 on ApostasBF and we need a 880 unit bank for the BSG draw system. There are no startup fees or subscription. So that would be 2,750 GBP to start. The aim would be to make 5,280 GBP over the next 12 months. Those numbers are with the system underperforming and making 16 points profit per month. If it performed to copy its long-term trend of 34 points per month. then it could even reach 935 GBP per month and 11,220 GBP for the year. But the tennis system is very new and I have only 1 month of real results for that, however it is based on 12 years of Betaminic backtested data. Betting is a big risk, even using big data to make smarter long-term plans.

Email me at if you want help setting this up.

Details of this and other betting systems are on my site