Free tennis betting system backtesting and statistics

Betaminic have added a new statistics page for tennis. It uses tennis ATP/WTA statistics AND historical sportsbook odds since 2014 in the Betamin Builder style to show what betting strategies worked historically for tennis.

I had a quick look and, for example, it shows that backing the favorite in specific rounds of specific tournaments generated a profit over the last 10 years. It also shows backing which players leads to positive yields.

I have never seen this kind of tennis statistics page before, and am wondering how this can be used. It is not automated yet, but maybe that might happen later on if there is enough interest.

For now, the page is free to view. You just need to register for Betaminic (free).

You can see the ATP/WTA calendar here

Then you can check if betting on the favourite or underdog in any particular rounds generates a profit for upcoming events.

If you have not seen it yet, then take a look.

Betaminic’s tennis statistics page suggests backing the underdog in the quarterfinal and final has made profit historically since 2014. We have missed the third round where the bookies seem to have gotten their prices wrong the most in the past. Not much joy in the other rounds.

Individual player stats are available, too.