Bf Bot Manager First Time User Guide to the Free 7 Day Trial for Automated Betting on Betfair

Bf Bot Manager First Time User Guide to the Free 7 Day Trial for Automated Betting on Betfair


Are you new to Bf Bot Manager and automated betting software?

This video walks you through the software. It explains the key things you need to do to get it up and running. It also explains how you can edit the bot strategies, create connected bot systems, start researching your own automated bot selection system or just connect tipsters to the software and automate your betting on Betfair. This is a very in-depth and thorough video showing you what you need to know to understand the software quickly. This is the equivalent of an online crash-course in learning about the software as fast as possible. It is well worth watching all the way through.



  1. Make sure you are in Simulation Mode.1:34
  2. Switch on all the Example bot strategies.2:09
  3. Setup Market Autoloading.3:05
  4. Look at each bot and try to understand its rules.7:26
  5. If a bot makes a bet, find that same bet in the STRATEGIES page, MARKETS page and the BETS page. 24:10
  6. Download and read the manual Sections 2 and 3! 29:16
  7. Duplicate and edit the bots. First try to change them to level stakes for monitoring the core strategy edge. 31:22
  8. Add some free tipsters from
  9. Add some extra bots based on those first bots. 57:45
  10. Play with the bots for a week, see if you like it. 1:05:03


Does it work? Yes.

  1. My working Bf Bot Manager draw system 1:09:38


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