How to access Betfair from a banned country.

Short Answer: Use BetInAsia to access OrbitX, a white-label version of Betfair. It has the same markets. You can back and lay. It looks the same as Betfair. The only difference is that it is run by a different company located in a different betting authority.

Getting the Best Odds

I have a working betting system now, and I believe in the future it will lead to me having to pay the Betfair Premium Charge, and of course, I don’t want to do this.

I also want to get the best odds available on the market.

So, to that end, I have expanded the number of bookmakers and exchanges I can bet on. It will mean manual betting, but it will also mean possibly getting better odds for each bet and building up alternative places to bet besides Betfair.

Where do big data bettors go when they need high odds and high liquidity? The Asian bookmakers. Allegedly higher limits and better odds.

So I have signed up for BetInAsia, which is a betting agent that gives me access to several Asian bookmakers and also white-label versions of Pinnacle (PS3838) and Betfair(Orbit Exchange).

What does “white-label version” mean?

White-label version basically means it is a clone or copy of the original but without he brand name.

OrbitX is a copy of Betfair. It has the same markets and odds but it charges 3% commission. This is worse than the 2% Betfair charges UK users, but better than the 5-6% Betfair charges Australian and some South American users. (The 5-6% commission number is based on what 2 users from each of those countries told me.) This is useful for people who do not have access to Betfair in their country.

PS3838 is a copy of Pinnacle. It has the same markets and allegedly the same odds. I have found them to be either the same or a very slight amount lower than Pinnacle, so far. The point of using PS3838 is for people who do not have access to Pinnacle in their country, or people who find Pinnacle liquidity is not enough to get all their stakes matched, so they can use both.

BetInAsia also gives me access to their online betting tool “BLACK” which is a one stop website that shows and lets you bet on all the odds from PS3838, OrbitX and all the other Asian sportsbooks it has deals with. (Available sportsbooks include: PS3838, Singbet, BetISN, PENTA88, 3et, 18bet, JAbet, Betfair, Betdaq)

Their “BLACK” tool is really good in three key points.

One, it displays the Betfair (OrbitX) odds MINUS the 3% commission. So you can compare them easily with other sportsbooks.

Two, if I place a bet, it will automatically split my stake to get the top available odds across all the sportsbooks and exchanges. So it might split my 200 GBP bet into 50 GBP on Singbet at the best odds, then the next 50 GBP on OrbitX if it has better odds than the others, and then the last 100 GBP on PS3838 if it has the 3rd best odds. This is all done automatically with one click. So it will do all the hard calculations to make sure my stake gets matched at the best available odds, including looking at Betfair exchange odds minus commission.

Three, it gives me the widest range of markets, including some not covered by Betfair, so all the 111 leagues covered by Betaminic should be covered here.

So, if I was manually betting, I would want to use this BetInAsia “BLACK” site.

(Please note: BetInAsia is not available to residents of: USA, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore or any country labelled as ‘High-Risk’ and/or ‘Non-Cooperative’ by the Financial Action Task Force which are currently North Korea, Iran, and Myanmar. But if you live in the UK, just use Betfair!) So this is good news for users in Spain, Italy, Israel, Peru, Australia and so on.

BetInAsia offer a wide range of payment methods to fund your betting broker account. You can use multiple Cryptocurrencies, Bank Wire, Skrill, Neteller, Ecopayz, MuchBetter, Jeton, CashtoCode, AstroPay, and Rapid Transfer.

I recommend using EcoPayz. They have good exchange rates for currency transfers and you can deposit to them via Bank transfer, Credit/debit card or Local deposit options.

See my site for more info on BetInAsia and advice on betting systems:

2 thoughts on “How to access Betfair from a banned country.”

  1. In terms of liquidity, I think their system automatically doubles whatever is offered on Betfair. I tried it! I asked for 100-1 on a 0-0 correct score on an obscure lower division game, and the 2 GBP request immediately appeared on OrbitX as a 4 GBP request. I tried it for laying and it gave me the same thing. It automatically doubled whatever I had offered. When I placed a real bet on OrbitX and got it matched, the corresponding liquidity on Betfair went down only half. So this must mean that they are matching my bet partly with Betfair liquidity and partly with their own money. (I wonder if there is someway to take advantage o

  2. FYI – OrbitX is in euros and the minimum bet is 6 EUR. So 5 GBP on Betfair shows up as 10 EUR (8.8 GBP) on OrbitX, which is slightly less than double, but still higher liquidity than Betfair. There is also sometimes more than double liquidity on OrbitX when other OrbitX users add their own back/lay bet requests into the market.

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